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LFA Tai Chi Health Arts

Tai Chi and the LFA.  Sheila Dickinson, is the Master Instructor and President of the LFA Health Arts.

There are many styles of tai chi available to learn today, however, the style which we teach is the Lee Family Arts.

The Lee style of tai chi is commonly known as the ‘yin and yang’ tai chi style as everything in it is in complete balance and harmony.

The form we teach is purely a health art, based on the principles of Chinese medicine and it has been in existence for over three thousand years find out about the Lee style.

Tai Chi and chinese medicine work by using your body’s natural energy

Every living person has energy inside their body; it’s with us from the day we are born until the day we die.

A person with highly developed energy experiences very few illnesses, and this is what we are working towards. People who practice our form of Tai Chi find their energy and health improve very quickly.

We all understand how our blood flows around our body and how most of our organs function. Energy ensures that our blood flows freely so that our organs are nourished, and our tissues, muscles and bones are healthy.

The Videos Below Are Some Of The Form Sets We Teach In Our Classes…

LFA Tai Chi Form Sets Explained In More Detail Below…

Tai Chi Dance Set

The T’ai Chi Dance is more flamboyant than the T’ai Chi Form; the movements have their origins based in the five elements.

Everyone who practises the T’ai Chi Dance experiences the feel good factor. If your get up and go has got up and gone then the movements of our T’ai Chi Dance are for you.

I personally practise our T’ai Chi Dance movements every morning; they give my energy levels a boost that lasts me throughout the whole of the day.

However I strongly advise against practising the T’ai Chi Dance movements in the late evening or you will find yourself buzzing and unable to sleep.

The T’ai Chi Dance also helps to improve your balance and co-ordination, while at the same working the memory.

There is a saying ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’ all aspects of the Lee style of T’ai Chi have been designed to help you improve the quality and vitality of your health.

Tai Chi Silk Set

The T’ai Chi Silk teaches each of us the power of gentleness within gentle flowing circles.

However, though extremely gentle and elegant, the motions supply us with a cardiovascular exercise, at the same time as enhancing the slow activities of our T’ai Chi Form. The softness and fluidity that individuals witness when they see a demonstration of our T’ai Chi Silk is exceptionally misleading!

The body is worked hard, yet all the time making sure no undue pressure is put on it. Balance is improved and co-ordination is constantly improved.

The T’ai Chi Silk is an exceptional weight loss device when made use of in conjunction with a controlled weight loss program.


Tai Chi Form Set

The movements of our T’ai Chi Form set provide the foundation of all of our other sets. The movements of the Lee Style where designed over three thousand years ago in China by the ancient Taoists.

It is thanks to their dedication that we have a truly remarkable self help health care system that has been handed down through the centuries. The Form lays the foundation upon which all the other sets are built.

The Form exercises the body without strain, calming the mind.
The movements work around the twelve main meridian lines around the body helping to open them up and help your energy move as it should.

For stress there is nothing that comes close to helping you not only cope with stress, but to also help you to be in charge of stress and yes that is a bold statement but its true.

The T’ai Chi form is taught within all LFA T’ai Chi classes; first of all we teach students the mechanics of the form. Firstly we teach you the stances; each stance has a name that has been handed down for many years.

Tai Chi Stick Set

The T’ai Chi Stick teaches agility and flexibility of the joints of your body, subtle movements ensuring no excessive strain.

Firstly the movements are taught slowly once learnt the speed of the movements increase to a pace that the individual practitioner is able to cope with.

The mental faculties are heightened and the memory is improved, balance and co-ordination are enhanced. The T’ai Chi Stick set builds self confidence; it is a fun and enjoyable sequence of movements to learn.

The T’ai Chi Stick set allows individuals to carry their newly learnt skills through into their daily lives. Our T’ai Chi Stick provides greater flexibility of the mind as well as the joints of the body.

The Lee Style Stick set will help to improve your stamina, provide the body with a cardio vascular workout.

T’ai Chi Nunchaku Set

The T’ai Chi Nunchaku set is designed to improve your reflexes and improve your balance and co-ordination.

We have a lot of people who come to our classes with joint pain and arthritis problems, people who practice our Nunchaku set find the relief they get is amazing.

We have athletes who maybe have a shoulder injury, when they practice the Nunchaku’s set they find even after just a few classes they find their shoulder problems has eased.

Whatever you have problems with joints, back, shoulder, wrist and so much more you will find the Nunchaku set can help.

So no matter what you have going on, our T’ai Chi Nunchaku set has something to offer, even if its just to enjoy the movements you will do with them.

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